back to NY

I’m back from 8 days travel with team.
It is already 4 am…sun will rise soon.

This trip was called “southern swing”, which includes Oklahoma City, Dallas, Houston, and New Orleans.
We played every other day during this trip and it was very intense schedule for players and other team staff.

Since our equipment manager could not make this trip because of having new baby, I worked as an equipment manager for him as well as intern athletic trainer.
It was a lot of work and huge responsibility but I have carried out it.
It was sort of nerve-racking experience, but I enjoyed it.

I will write about this trip in detail this weekend since I have a lot of thing to do.
At that time, I will write in Japanese.

Tomorrow, we will have practice at noon.
I should go bed and take some rest.
by u2k_maru | 2009-01-13 18:27 | Knicks
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