beat champion

After losing one point game with Paceres, Knicks hosted Boston Celtics, last year’s world champion.
Tough game was expected, but Knicks beat Celtics by 12 points.
Wilson Chandlar, very talented but still crude second year player, scored career high 31 points and he held his match up KG only 6 points.
Boston’s Ray Allen, one of the best shooter in NBA history, missed all his three points shoot attempts (0-9) and it helped Knicks win.
Even though his shoot was totally off today, his shooting was tremendously quick and beautiful, and he has mentality to keep shooting, that scared me.

Beating last year’s champion will give Knicks a good momentum for coming longest load trip in this season (Jan. 5 to Jan 13)
Knicks is going to play against Oklahoma City, Dallas, Houston, and New Orleans.
Luckily, I’m going to travel this longest trip with team.
I’m already packed my stuff for 8 days.
This time, I will work as an equipment manager as well as internship athletic trainer.
Having two responsibilities will make my work busier than usual for sure, but I love that.

Besides Oklahoma City, they have better record and also schedule is tough, but I hope we will win at least 2 games in this trip.
We just proved that if we play in right way, we have power to beat any team.
Go Knicks.
by u2k_maru | 2009-01-05 14:05 | Knicks
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