Christmas Eve

Today is Christmas Eve.
I worked for head trainer and assistant trainer because if I work for them they can spend with their family. Christmas in America is big deal for family, not for couples, I feel.
We only had couple of players who need treatment and extra workout.
I was in charge of treatment and also helped lifting weight with strength coach and some shooting drills with assistant coach.
As long as it is related basketball, there is always something to learn, not only as an athletic trainer.
I learned new exercise and shooting drills today, which is my Christmas gift for this year, I think.

Everybody cares about me and ask if I have place to go during Christmas because they know my family is away from me, and so does the person I want to spend with.
It is so nice of them, but I decided to spend this Christmas by myself to study for what I decided to achieve.
Where I am right now is not my destination.
I have a place I wanna go and I have a future I am dreaming of.
I believe what I’m doing daily take me there, Christmas is just one of days.

I won’t forget my Christmas Eve dinner in 2008, rice with gomashio (salt and sesami), and natto
People may think I’m poor, but as I wrote couple month ago, natto gohan in America is like sukiyaki for me.

Have a good Christmas.
by u2k_maru | 2008-12-25 11:53 | その他
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