Holiday dinner

Since I decided to write this blog in English, I have been debating what kind of topic I’m going to keep in it. I was about to write some thing like my thought because it will help organize myself in English. However, I found I get a reluctant to do it due to trying to make my English look better even though I was trying not to…

So my conclusion is to write something easy, even it is pointless and short.
My prime purpose of writing in English is to decrease time to be exposed to and think in Japanese.
Anyway, this is my first one.

Today, Knicks had Christmas dinner that was organized by General Manager. I had to dress up in business casual, so I wore the ones that I used to wear for collage basketball game day back in Arkansas. Wearing same dress shirts and pants reminded me of Arkansas basketball and the head trainer Dave.

The dinner was at steak house and it was nice and totally extravagant for me if I come by myself. General Manager paid for all of us….about 50 people. I have no clue how much it was in total.

One funny moment was when GM showed up to the restaurant. His secretary was funny lady and she goes “Hei, D (GM’s name), let me check your coat (take his coat off for him) and….GIVE ME YOUR CREDIT CARD!” having a big grin on her face. It cracked everybody up. Nobody besides her can talk to GM like that.

I got gift card from GM and an assistant coach. The assistant coach also put message card with gift card in envelop. It is so nice. And the name on the envelop was “ESKA”….when he calls my name Yusuke, it is almost perfect but in his mind my name was spelled ESKA.

Players gave me Christmas Card.
I didn’t expect at all, so it was surprising.
It was more than surprising when I found all of players give me signatures on it and some of them gave me heart warming message as well.
I know, in this season, players have to sign on so many cards for business and all…so the fact that they made the card special for me was so touching. Their kindness is my treasure.
I got another stuff from them as well, but I’m not gonna write about it…

I should go to bed and wake up at 5 am as I am doing in these days!

Have a happy Christmas.
by u2k_maru | 2008-12-23 14:50 | Knicks
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